Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Industrial Insight

I was fortunate enough to be enlightened on the ins-and-outs of the industry I have chosen to pursuit. Two people, Dave and Craig, from The Design Mechanics gave their views and practices they have encountered while working in this field.

The information presented before me hit home and mapped out just how much work is ahead of me to succeed in the future. I was shocked to learn that designs take less than a week to produce from initial brief to final draft. A very short time frame to produce a large quantity of work is frightening but this is now what I should expect to be able to cope with. No questions.

Learning that the company had just started to generate profits in the last two years (within a period of ten) definitely gives me perceptions about where to aim my focus when I complete this course. I thought it would be a walk in the park going straight into a freelance type job or setting up a business but listening to Dave speak has put this into perspective.

Being able to speak with Craig also gave the opportunity to seek out how the industry works for the employee. I found it interesting that several briefs will be juggled at any one time and that works, not excuses, are expected on time and to satisfaction of the client.

I shall use the advice given and set personal goals to meet the standards of a professional manner at all times. This is paramount if I am to ‘make a name for myself’ in this field.

I’m sure I will hit snags along the way and feel like I could have done more or approached a situation differently but this will mold me into a more prominent designer in the future.

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