Thursday, 17 September 2009

Glad To Be Back

Well, four months doesn’t seem like two minutes ago now I’m back in the class room. It’s good to see everyone settle into the routine fairly easily and it seems like no one has been away. There was usual banter while on our break and everyone has a smile on their face.

Myself, Tim and Martyn were able to talk to some of the first years and get a feel for their tensions that I know we had on the first day of college. It’s good to see, in a way, that they all have the same expectations and feelings as our group did.

Looking ahead, I have found it quite hard to get back into the swing of things this morning as we had to prepare our SMLP. Just knowing where to start was the hard part but as time wore on it became clear what needed to be done. All I needed to do was to break down the information and chip away at it in manageable chunks.

Reading back on my Sign Of The Times blog entry it’s quite clear to see what I need to take into consideration to really push the envelope this year: get feedback and criticism. I feel that I don’t necessarily need to rely just on the people in my class and other students and I am going to try and receive feedback from as many people as I can. This may come in the form of other designers in the industry so I will need to take advantage of the many forums/blogs out there to get real insight.

I have also stated, in the said blog entry, that I am worried about group work. And as stated the time to worry is drawing closer. I think that as the year progresses we, as a group, will probably fall into roles rather than be fighting over them. The only worry is that we can work effectively as a group. But, to repeat myself, worrying about this at the present time is nothing to get worked up about.

Something I need to seriously consider for our new assignment, A9: Up Your Street, is the costing of time. I was able to scrape some work together over the holiday but drastically under charged for my time. I failed to research how valuable my time was and as a result I feel cheated. Not by the person I did the work for but by myself for not reading up on this subject. This will not happen again.

All said, I am looking forward to the little time we have together as a group. As was said in a lecture it is a time to really experiment with the skills I have developed over the first year and to really try and wow myself. There will be times in the industry, most times in fact, that I will never get to express my creativity in a way I see fit. Hopefully people feel the same way and are looking forward to the journey.

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