Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Journey Of Six Weeks…

I don’t think I have done as much work in these last six weeks as I have done in a very long time.

A few issues with time keeping have cropped up while progressing over this time period, which is something I drastically need to change. I realise that the work load from now will be greater as an eighth of the time available has been used and we’ve only completed a sixteenth of the work required!

My first assignment has proved to be awkward. I feel that I planned my work effectively and completed it to the best of my ability. My downfall was with the deadline as I relied on someone else to bring a vital piece of work for me on the said date.

It turned out that this person was late and, consequently, I frantically had to recreate this item in minutes. I managed to hand the item in (with fifteen seconds to spare) but feel that the presentation was meagre. I now fear I may receive a referral for this first assignment.

I think the lesson here is do not rely on anyone but yourself to do tasks regarding your own work. I can say that I will definitely be the only person involved in my own work from now on.

It hasn’t all been turmoil. I have immensely enjoyed collecting pieces of design inspiration and commenting on why I feel they deserve recognition. It has helped me get back into a learning mode and use my brain, which is something I haven’t done in a long time. And to be in an environment where everyone is working towards the same goal is quite a new experience for me. I feel this is definitely more constructive than anything I’ve ever done in the past.

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