Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Talks, Time and Terminology

My head has been crammed with a lot of new information since my last entry. With the new assignments we are now undertaking there comes a lot of new terminology and techniques. Some of the lectures, especially Colour Theory, really opened my eyes to how much I don't actually know. I have nearly filled a sketch book already on notes alone.

This trend is getting easier to follow but the work is now piling on. I have a deadline in the pipeline and I know it will be hear a lot sooner than I anticipate. Planning my time is as important as handing in the assignments and it shows in the finished article.

Some of the mini-assignments we have been given on Tuesday afternoons have been very energetic. I was unorganised with time management, again, and had to rush towards the end of the day. I have found that I utilised my time more effectively and for the second assignment I was able to construct a more efficient work pattern. Slowly but surely I am learning to use my time efficiently.

Another big event was giving a presentation on contrast, part of the proximity, alignment and repetition (PARC) fundamentals. Nerves were factor and it didn't help that I fluffed the putting together of the PDF file. I didn’t feel uncomfortable talking to the class but I did feel embarrassed. I think a dry run with the group might have been in order before hand would have help dramatically.

I was also relieved this week to find out that I pass, with a referral, our first assignment. It was good to find out that everyone had passed and there was a definite relived ambience in the group. At least now I can put this behind me and learn from the experience.

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