Monday, 2 February 2009

Building The Big Picture

Our two new assignments (A5 Builder & A6 The Big Picture) have been handed over and we are now two weeks in.

I am looking forward to the coding side of A5 as I have some experience and should be able to keep on top of things. A6 on the other hand is new territory to me. The program we need to familiarise ourselves with is Adobe Photoshop. And then give a presentation.

As someone who loves open source software I have always used GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). The software has similarities with one another but I seem to be spending more time learning the different routes to accomplish things I could probably do faster in GIMP.

This is only a minor set back and I’m sure I will pick up speed over the next couple of weeks.

I was lucky enough to get a half decent mark with my last assignment and surprised myself. I didn’t have to worry about any referral work and thus was able study at a ‘leisurely’ rate. Mostly reading and some preparation work.

I shouldn’t take this as a signal to slack off or think that I can take it easy. I’ve set the bar for myself and if I want to improve on my previous efforts I really need to knuckle down with some work and try to figure out where and how I can improve.

We have also been given a little insight into our next assignment; A7 Rasterised. Juggling this work load is starting to grow on me and a good job it is too. Reading forum posts it’s actually one of the requirements. “...juggle several projects at the same time.”

Only time will tell if I have put, not enough, but the right quality of effort into my work.

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