Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Final Stages

Since my last entry I don't think that my head has stopped spinning. There is very little time left and I have still an advert and a web page to design.

This said though I have created my logo and album cover, both inner and outer, and finished putting together the postcard for the Moo order that will be sent out today.

I nearly fluffed this stage as I had problems with InDesign. As a result I started to rush things. This did me no favours and the more I panicked the more mistakes I started to make. I ended up deleting the file with my work in and had to start from scratch.

Apart from this minor set back I have had another few problems along the way. I initially met the client who stipulated that they liked two of my designs and wished to see them incorporated into one. Great!

Turns out when I met the client again last week I had misinterpreted what they had in mind. They were looking for the grungy design using the colour scheme from clouds artwork. This is something I thought I had nailed.

I had to work hard to keep up-to-date with the production schedule so that I could start the next section of work on time. I am still in a bit of a predicament though as I spent the last meeting with the client being told I need to re-think the concept. Hopefully this time I have it right.

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Austin Terrill said...

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