Friday, 23 October 2009

A8 : iMe : Grade

A Quick Insight

Marking this assignment has been one of the most demanding things I have done on this course to date. It’s not the marking as such but being able to decipher the critical thinking behind my decisions.

One aspect that has made this abundantly easier was to keep a weekly blog stating the outcomes of my learning, which was one of the learning objectives in my Self Managed Learning Plan (SMLP).

These ‘mini blogs’ pretty much wrote there own evaluation for me at the end of this assignment and all I really needed to do was to re-word them into a final summary.

This has helped with my overall marking which is broken down as followed:

Pass Criteria

  • Demonstrate personal management skills in learning activities.
  • This goal is measured by the weekly blog entries that I have kept; the production schedule that was created; and the SMLP that was formulated.

  • Develop and follow self-managed learning plans.
  • This was achieved with the creation of the SMLP.

  • Review learning processes and synthesise appropriate methods of feedback.
  • Again, the goal was achieved through my blog assessing my progress on a weekly basis with summative goals at the end of each week.

  • Communicate and apply learning skills to a professional context.
  • To achieve this goal I created a skill bank of my learning which can be found at

  • Evaluate and communicate learning outcomes.
  • I met this goal with an evaluation that was submitted on the hand in date.

Merit Criteria

  • Relevant theories and techniques have been applied.
  • My work at has a library of techniques I have developed. This along with my commenting on my coding is the evidence supplied.

  • The appropriate structure and approach has been used.
  • This goal is met with a number of devices. shows the skills I have leant and clicking on each gives a description of the script and is commented line by line. The other place my learning goals have been recorded is on my blog that I kept. This weekly blog was broken down with summative goals that helped me plan my work load.

  • Complex problems with more than one variable have been explored.
  • Evidence can be found at It can also be found within my sketch book as I recorded what skills would be relevant to carry out my work. These were then amalgamated into layout plans to develop a website.

Distinction Criteria

  • Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions.
  • My evaluation here speaks for itself. It can be found with the submitted work I handed in. This evaluation pointed out both strengths and weaknesses and provided a summary as to how to avoid problems in future assignments.

  • Take responsibility for managing and organising activities.
  • My SMLP determined that my own learning would help me to achieve the goals I set out. This can be found in the work I submitted. I recorded the progress with my online evaluation.

  • Demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinking.
  • This is where my grading criteria failed. Because of time restrictions I had very little time to create a truly original website. I know I could have greatly improved the look of my site with more time but as it stands now I feel it does not meet this goal.


From the evidence that I have marked against I will be awarding myself merit as I have met the criteria for both pass and merit but not fully distinction.


It’s clear to see from the grading here where I need to project myself to be able to achieve a better grade. As stated in my evaluation I need to apply realistic goals for myself to achieve so I can spend the required amount of time in each field of my production schedule.

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